Refurbished Personal Trainer (black)

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Refurbished like new and covered by a New Xiser Warranty

The Trainer is refurbished mechanically like new, however it may have cosmetic blemishes and or dated parts that may differ from the current line of Trainers

  • Unrivaled Precision, Technology and Performance
  • Instantly Responsive Interactive Resistance System
  • Manual Operation
  • Aircraft Aluminum Alloy Pedals and Frame
  • Baked on Tough Powder Coat Finish
  • Weighs 13.5 lb (6.12 kg), Supports 400 lb (181.5 kg)
  • Ideal for Individual and Family Workouts
  • Five Year Consumer Warranty

The Xiser personal trainer or stepper is designed to handle all the anaerobic or aerobic work any individual can produce. It is ideal for the home, office, boat, camper, truck or to be taken along on a flight as an ever present workout possibility. 100% MADE in the USA.

* Not for institutional use. The commercial version of the Xiser has a cylinder design that handles heat more efficiently, but this would be a factor only with continuous use by multiple users (sports teams, physical therapists offices, health clubs, etc.). The home unit is able to accommodate a family or small office.

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Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 14 × 4 in

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