Superior Quality and Design

All parts of the new Xiser® High Intensity Trainer™ (HIT), are Made in the USA, using the highest quality materials available and the most precise computerized machining. No other manufacturer of exercise machine has matched the Xiser® quality. This is testified by over 22 years of performance worldwide. It is worth noting that Xiser® has exported, from the USA, to Japan and 57 other countries for over 22 years. You will be shocked when you calculate how much money you save by buying our High Intensity Trainer™ and High Intensity Trainer Pro™. Twenty years later you will be amazed that your Xiser® looks like new or that you are celebrating your 106th birthday!!

The High Intensity Trainer™ (HIT) by Xiser® is built beautiful and tough. No NFL or NCAA football player is a match for the brute toughness of this, “built like a tank”, trainer. At the same time its slender elegance leaves no ballerina wanting for a more precise training instrument. Nothing comes closer to perfection than the High Intensity Trainer™, by Xiser®.

The Xiser®, High Intensity Trainer™ (HIT) or High Intensity Trainer Pro™ will arrive at your door housed in a modest 21” x 14” x 4” (53.5 x 35.5 x 10 cm.) container, weighing in at a mete 13.8 pounds (6.27 kg.), ready to be unleashed. Once out of the box, you will be amazed at the challenge this compact Xiser® trainer provides. Within days you will wonder how you ever lived without it

The quality of the Xiser® High Intensity Trainer™ (HIT) and/or High Intensity Trainer Pro™ will impress you and your friends. Your eyes will feast at the sleek aircraft alloy pedals and frame and the elegant cooling fins of the anodized interactive precision cylinders. You will be a proud owner, soon to become the fit and proud owner, of the ultimate High Intensity Trainer™.

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