What is Essential in a HIT and HIIT Machine?

Choice of the right exercise machine must be based on the physiological requirements for high intensity training (HIT). With that in mind, the essential requirements for a HIT machine are:

  • It must work the massive leg muscles. Other muscle groups can be involved, but without the leg muscles the involved muscle mass is not sufficient.
  • It must allow for an all out sprint. The sprint potential must be so intense that 60 seconds or less leaves the subject anaerobically spent.
  • It must be without impact on joints. Impact can be devastating on the joints, in particular as joints get older.
  • It must restrict flexion at the knee. The knee should not be bent more than going up 9 inch (23.0 cm) steps. High intense steps can damage the knee joint.
  • It must keep the force movements of the legs in a straight line. Lateral force movements of the legs are highly undesirable for the knee and should never be done.
  • It must provide interaction between legs. There must be a continuous force on both feet to provide some blood flow restriction to the muscles, thereby increasing the accumulation of lactic acid.
  • It must not have handles for support. There should be an effort necessary for maintaining balance, thereby involving stabilizing muscles and engaging the nervous system.
  • It must have biomechanically correct characteristics. The dimensions and of the moving parts of the machine should be proportional to the needs of the human body using it.
  • It must have an adjustable and variable workload capacity. The machine should interact with the user, providing a greater resistance as the effort force by the subject is increased. As “effort” increases resistance increase.
  • It should not have a seat. There should be no comfort in a burst of energy that lasts for less than 60 seconds. There is no time to sit down when performing a 200 meter dash!
  • It should not have electronic gadgets for motivation or any kind of electronic work measuring devices. The measurement of work is your “effort” and the motivation has to come from within you. If the exercise can be done for more than 60 seconds, your “effort” is not sufficient !!!