Discovering the Best Natural Training Settings

For ideal anaerobic training in nature we want a venue where all out sprinting, without impact on joints, is possible

Some excellent natural anaerobic venues are high and steep sand dunes, such as the sand dunes on the California side of the Colorado River near Yuma, Arizona, or the sand dunes of most major deserts like the Sahara, Kalahari and Gobi. Sand dunes should be steep with slopes long enough for 30 to 60 second sprints.

natural training settings for anaerobic high intensity interval training

When sand dunes for anaerobic training are not readily available, sprints can be done up steep hills, up long sets of steps in major sports stadiums, or up long stairs leading from beaches.

Young knee-joints can do sprints on flat surfaces without much concern for damage, even though the impact can be as high as 10 times body weight. However, as joints age, they have to be treated with care. Always minimizing impact by sprinting up slopes and on soft surfaces.


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