Anaerobic Exercise And Training

Anaerobic high intensity interval training "HIIT" and "HIT" superior results compared to aerobic training
Marathon runner verses a Sprinter

By definition any exercise or training that cannot be maintained for more than 90 seconds is anaerobic, while any relatively mild exercise or training, that can be continued indefinitely, is aerobic.

Unlike aerobic exercise, anaerobic high intensity training (HIT) engages all muscle fibers, the fast twitch as well as the slow twitch. This makes anaerobic (HIT) essential for a complete training effect. However, the benefits from anaerobic (HIT) exercise depend on your “effort”. Maximum “effort” by a large muscle mass, such as the legs, produces optimum benefits for the whole body.

All exercise is healthy when precautions against injury are in place. But only anaerobic exercise offers full body benefit to your overall health. Because of its superior fitness value anaerobic exercise (HIT) is “intelligent exercise”, it is “the pearl of great price”, when compared to aerobic exercise.

Numerous anaerobic routines have been developed by fitness enthusiasts and experts, giving names to their creations, such as “Spinning”, “Crossfit”, “Tabata”, “Gibala”, “Timmos”, etc. However, regardless of the name, their value and success is that they are anaerobic.

Unknowingly or knowingly every Olympic athlete throughout history has used anaerobic training to achieve fitness and remarkable results. It is the only way. These magic training procedures and protocols have a long list of names. They are nothing new. We now know that their magic was their anaerobic nature.

When we talk about anaerobic exercise or training, we include: Interval Training (IT), Interval Exercise (IE), Intensive Interval Training (IIT), Intensive Interval Exercise (IIE), High Intensity Training (HIT), High Intensity Exercise (HIE), High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), High Intensity Interval Exercise (HIIE), Short Bout Training, Short Bout Exercise, Intense Short Bout Training (ISBT), Intense Short Bout Exercise (ISBE), Sprint Training, Sprint Interval Training (SIT),Burst Training, Burst Exercise, Burst Interval Training (BIT), Burst Interval Exercise (BIE), Intense Burst Training (IBT), Intense Burst Exercise (IBE), Short Burst Interval Training (SBIT), Short Burst Interval Exercise (SBIE), Short Burst Training, Short Burst Exercise, Maximum Effort Training, Maximum Effort Exercise, Maximum Effort Burst Training (MEBT), Maximum Effort Burst Exercise (MEBE), Velocity Training, Velocity Exercise, Maximum Velocity Training, Maximum Velocity Exercise, Maximum Velocity Interval Training (MVIT), Maximum Velocity Interval Exercise (MVIE), Blast Training, Blast Exercise, Speed Training, Speed Exercise, Speed Interval Training, Speed Interval Exercise, Push to Max Training, Push to Max Exercise, Sort Cycle Training, Short Cycle Exercise, Tabata Training, Spinning, High Intensity Workout, Crossfit, Timmons, Explosive Training and list can go on. All of the above have anaerobic in common.