Adding High Intensity Training to your Current Routine

A good time to add anaerobic high intensity training (HIT) to supplement your present workout is now. A few minutes per week of intense quality “effort” may do more than a world of good. Of course, whether you achieve optimum training benefits, is determined by the level of you “effort”. An all out “effort” for any individual for 10 to 60 seconds will produce a significant training effect. Repeated short bursts of intense “effort” will produce even greater benefits. The intensity of the “effort” is what counts. There is no escaping it. The more you burn, the more you gain, the better you feel!!! You know that your present routine is not getting the job done, a few minutes of added high intensity training on the High Intensity Trainer™ by Xiser® may be just what you need.  After watching this informative video presentation by JJ Virgin take time to visit her site ( for more great ideas to improve your overall health.