xiser_main High Intensity Training Yields Optimum Results

The Truth about Fitness

Diet alone cannot sculpt a body or yield optimum physical and mental health. Through exercise we gain to improve fitness by building muscle and burning fat. Done regularly, it can boost metabolism, fight depression, reduce stress, insomnia, improve memory, posture, strengthen our immune system and halt signs of aging like osteoporosis.
As a result, those who choose the right exercise regime are rewarded with a more positive body image, increased confidence, energy, healthier sex drive and overall wellness.

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Exercise used to be a thing for athletes. Among them, high intensity interval training gained popularity in the 90s. Scientific evidence has since proven, workouts that focus on high intensity training (HIT) or high intensity interval training (HIIT) offer superior muscle-building, fat-burning benefits. HIT has gained mass appeal more recently, as seen in trends like CrossFit, Spinning and the Tabata Protocol.


Excessive aerobic activity can be harmful. Unless supplemented by anaerobic activity, it can inhibit strength gain, increase risk of injury through repetitive motion, and weaken the immune system.
HIT produces human growth hormone (HGH), to build muscle and burn more fat. Resulting in healthy weight loss, toned muscles and better overall fitness.

The Obstacles

Workouts can feel like a chore. Making it a priority amid daily demands can be a challenge; joining a gym, an expensive ongoing commitment; scheduling in fitness classes, not always convenient.
For these reasons, exercise equipment for the home gym has become a popular workout alternative. Yet most fitness machines are cumbersome, target specific muscle groups, wear on joints, or fail to offer the muscle-building, fat-burning benefits of intense interval training.

The Solution

Xiser’s portable stepping machine. The most durable, light-weight and compact stepper on market; and the only stepper geared toward HIIT training. Made in the USA.

How it Works

60 seconds of high intensity sprint training a day.
Without the use of handles to rely on for balance, our mini stepper engages core muscles. Ideal for achieving toned abs in addition to stronger, leaner legs, and firmer more youthful butt. Performed correctly, your body will burn extra calories and burn fat even hours after your quick workout has ended.

Achieve the Body You Want

Xiser can help you lose weight, burn fat and achieve your fitness goals. Used on its own or with hand weights, there’s no simpler, more convenient home and office workout.

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